Los Angeles E3 Conference for Gamers! #E3 #XboxE3

Microsoft XBOX Fluid Video– Watchout Nintendo Wii

This trending topic is for Gamers & Entertainment fans awaiting the upcoming releases all at E3, Los Angeles’ Electronic Conference. The conference starts 11am PST Tuesday June 2.  This year it wasn’t just invites from big brand companies, now there will be nearly 40,000 folks lined up like a super Trade Show!

The anticipation of Microsoft’s new products is heavy.  Microsoft still continues to battle Google Inc & Apple Inc to compete for the future market of consumer electronic & computer ware. Can they compete with Nintendo Wii as well?

Personally, I think Microsoft has done an effective, but sloppy job planning & promoting…as competing companies are equally powerful in brand, money, & skills.  Microsoft was one of the first companies to establish great products and became a monopolistic in the process.  If invent new healthier water, don’t be mad I dont share the recipe as everyone needs it, lol.  Microsoft has reworked its VISTA operating system, launched the BING search engine, and now continues with video gaming consoles.  With great electronics, a few friends in social networking world, and still buttering up Yahoo to purchase it, they might pull off a comeback after things settle down from lawsuits & lack of planning.  

We all now look forward to this conference to see if they will compete with Nintendo’s Wii with the XBOX Fluid which is similar in motion detection or if the company will compete with Apple in the Web Apps for iphones that are a growing trend. For the most part, we are looking forward to release news about these games:  

“The Beatles: Rock Band,” “God of War III,” “Guitar Hero 5,” “Assassin’s Creed 2” and a possible second downloadable episode for “Grand Theft Auto IV.”

Check out ALL the details herehttp://e3.g4tv.com/e32009/index/
E3 2009

NEW Lego Harry Potter

or View some Great Videos of new stuff!

New SONY PSP GO Details


Sony PSP GO details June 2009

Sony PSP GO details June 2009



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More Previews from the E3 Conference: from: http://uk.xbox360.ign.com/articles/989/989269p1.html

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E3 2009: Singularity Preview
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  1. This is my favorite post! Very entertaining, plus technology at its best!

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