Octo-mom Nadya Suleman is Back in the News!

Octo-mom watches Dr. Phil and gives commentary! Don’t know who this lady is, then scroll below.

OCTO-mom is back in the trending topics.  Who is Octo-mom? The US lady who had eight kids at once. She planned it, even after she had 6 kids already.  The lady, Nadya, stays with her mother and does not have a husband.  This started controversy as it questioned her rational thinking and mental capacity when making the decision to have 14 kids in total.  Now she talks about the famous US reality show “Jon & Kate: Plus 8” who are similar, but give insight on trying to stay in a relationship while handling the duties of all the kids.  It is reported now that Nadya Suleman has landed a deal with an England production company, wow! The company is affiliated with US reality show “The Biggest Loser” weight loss themed.  I don’t know if everyone will watch, but it does make headlines. Check out her stomach from the octo-pregnancy below:


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National Ledger



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