Stop the BNP British National Party! #stoptheBNP Trending Topics

If your not from Europe, BNP stands for the British National Party. The trending topic is relating to the protest and opposition to the BNP. It is about civil rights, eliminating racism, and more civil liberties with less political abuse of power. The UK have tried to stop the special interest groups while trying to include more rights for less represented or minority constituents.

“Can’t quite believe that the BNP are trying to turn the Queen’s annual garden party into a political stunt,” Johnson wrote on Twitter yesterday. (Boris Johnson, London Mayor)

The anti-racist organization Searchlight claimed it had uncovered a string of racist remarks on social networking pages linked to BNP members standing for election to the European parliament. In a leaked email, the BNP’s national organizer, Eddy Butler, urged members to be careful what they wrote on chat forums and sites such as Facebook.

THE GUARDIAN , LONDON    May 23, 2009


To learn more watch the video or check out these links below:

June 3 2009 Article: click here

Stop the BNP site


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