Twitter’s Famous FOLLOW FRIDAY is today! Get more tweeps & enjoy your network!

#FF    #FFVIP    #FollowFriday

Follow Friday is when users refer other users by sending a tweet with names attached.  There is a few ways to do this, but as long as you put the @username you should be fine.  To excel on this super networking day, try using “Follow Friday” inside your tweet or tags such as #FollowFriday or #FF or #FFVIP for even more attention.  There are others who search for these Tags and add users.

By participating in Follow Friday, others will give you some attention with the possiblity of adding you, or following you in Twitter terms.  There is an example Follow Friday tweet below.  For advanced tweeting, try going to the Super FollowBack List, where all the users you add from this list will willingly follow you back. It works for both of you. This list is located at posted weekly by user @FFVIP which stands for Follow Friday V.I.P. They search everyone using #FFVIP inside their tweeps and add all users attached to that tweet, plus they take walk-ins, lol.  Have fun on Follow Friday:

EXAMPLE Follow Friday Tweet:

Follow Friday @mybuddy09 @anotherbud12 @bigguy220 @sassychic002 #FF Plz RT


RT Follow Friday #FFVIP @username1 @anotheruser @3rduser @crazyname @susanboyle09 @mytrends #FF These people are great tweeps! RT


  • #FFVIP = special hashtag for growing followers fast
  • RT = ReTweet or Resend your message
  • #FF = Follow Friday alternative hashtag to #FollowFriday



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