Sprint launches Palm Pre today. Check Specs & Details!

Sprint launches Palm Pre

Sprint launches Palm Pre

Whats the big noise about? Well Palm Pre is suppose to be the iPhone killer, the cell phone that steals customers from AT&T.  So Sprint has gladly launched their best, the Palm Pre which now operates on their own innovative operating system webOS.  The phone also includes a small keyboard to counter the bad experience from users of iPhone’s virtual touchpad keyboard.  As Verizon & AT&T gain ground in the industry, Sprint, as No. 3, hopes to keep their customers happy and win back old subscribers to the other top companies.

Personally, I think this is a difficult market for Sprint.  Cool vs. Corporate, Sprint is cool and always wanted to be the tech guys, like Verizon has created.  The corporate giants that love Blackberry and iPhone are loyal or get corporate contracts that locks in the subscriptions. Blackberry slowed their high-end side and gave a simplistic phone to everyday users by offering “cool” flip phones and less features of their previous.  To sell alot, they must find a way to stun the consumer, with video, web surfing, cool features, games, or something!  There are folks waiting on the cool mixed with tech, even though nerds & the rich still want the best possible.  Apple iPhone is on the job as well as Verizon, as both are playing in multiple fields to expand their brand.  Verizon Cable to iPhone Apps & Games, Sprint must come hard with this Palm Pre. Watch the video on Palm Pre and judge for yourself:

Check out some links below to find even more details & news articles:


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  1. This is a pretty cool phone. Lots of apps.

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