UPDATE: 17 Bodies found from Air France Flight 447 in Atlantic Ocean

This is a gloomy story about the plane crash of over 200 passengers aboard flight 447.  The Air France flight was leaving Brazil and must of hit a rocky ride from thunderstorms in the area.  The tower lost communication and the plane went off radar.  After day and night searching for the missing plane, the leftovers from a crash were seen floating in the ocean.  Later 2 bodies were found, then another, and another.  The count is up to 17 with most recent events report the tail end of the plane waS found.  The hard task of finding the black box that is the size of your hand, will be difficult.  Multiple countries have joined in to help search the Atlantic Ocean for this box as it only has 30 days to give off a sonar-like pulse to help track its whereabouts.  Stay tuned for more as we update this shocking story!


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