Worldwide Developers Conference: Future Technology with Apple spotlight on $99 iphone, Snow Leopard, Safari 4, new 3GS, & more.

Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco is Apple’s special platform to deliver suprising developments in their technology.  They will give clues on what to expect in the future, with new electronic devices as well.  Everyone is anticipating the new iPhone to counter the recent release of Sprint’s Palm Pre.  Steve Jobs, Apple’s head man, has had health issues and is uncertain if he shows, but many are hoping he does.  We will update more electronics as they are announced Live. Watch video below and read more about the cheaper prices of the MacBooks and operating system Snow Leopard as appeared.



iPhone 3G S – s for speed

  • Launching apps 2x faster
  • 2.9 times faster than current iPhone
  • View attachments 3.6x faster
  • OpenGL ES 2.0
  • 7.2 Mbps HSDPA support
  • New camera – 3 MP Autofocus
  • Autowhite balance and exposure

Apple Insider: Developer API

  • Video capture support
  • 30 fps VGA with audio. Auto focus, white balance
  • Share to MMS, email, MobileMe, YouTube

Apple Insider:  Voice Control

  • Hold down Home button, say Call Scott. Will ask for home or work listing
  • Control iPod playback – “play songs by ” or “play songlist”, “what’s playing now?
  • “play more songs like this” to invoke Genius
  • Digital compass
  • Better battery life 9 hours vs 6

Apple Insider: Price

  • $199  16 GB
  • $299 for 32GB version

AT&T prices for new customers

Both models in both black and white

  • Regular 8GB iPhone 3G priced at $99
  • New price starts today

NEW iPhone 3G-S available June 19

For more details: click here<< Official Specs
Walmart Apple iPhone’s: click here



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