BNP Press Conference leaves Nick Griffin attacked with Eggs! Watch it unfold. Latest interview with Eggs still on suit!

Watch the footage of Nick Griffin’s suprise egg attack!

The leader of the British National Party Nick Griffin has been forced to abandon a news conference outside the Houses of Parliament after protestors hurled eggs and shouted abuse at him.  This has become a Twitter phenomenon as many communicate using this tool.  Watch below as Nick Griffin explains eggs on his suit, lol.

Watch even more:

Donna Guthrie from Unite Against Facism has spoken to the BBC about why she and others forced BNP leader Nick Griffin to cut short a Westminster news conference.


One Response

  1. more propaganda journalist media crap that women was planted ‘ hopeing camera’s would pick up on some violent intent that did’nt happen The bnp are now doing things properly people should give them a chance nick griffin deserves to be heard a voice of reason for every englishman who is proud to be english that goes for scotts irish welsh too british 2nd but proud to be so lets see nick on bbc question time a fresh face instead of all the p c bull shitters career politicians perhaps we got what we diserved lol! I think it’s time to get behind nick griffin

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