Woman Skipped the Air France Flight 447 but later Killed in Car Accident. Final Destination!

New Final Destination in 3D opens Aug 21 2009

This story is crazy, as a lady who missed the Air France Flight 447 last week was ironically killed in a car accident in recent days.  She avoids the most tragic ending of the Air France, has a few day to think about it, then boom, she still gets in a fatal car wreck.  This trending topics came with another topic as well:  Final Destination, as this is as creepy as that movie.  The movie is based on passengers on a plane who miss a flight, but mysteriously still die after escaping death, no matter if it was a bathroom slip and fall or getting hit by an 18 wheeler.  Weird story, and my condolences go out to her family.  Watch video of this report and see more articles relating below:



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