Derek Fisher has his own Magic with Amazing 3pt Shot to Send into Overtime! Lakers Win!

BUZZER BEATER for Derek Fisher.  This game was so close all the way through, but there was a high number of fouls that were not called.  Sometimes the refs just called the ball “out of bounds” rather than give the earned foul.  Kinda crazy, but Los Angeles squeezes through and Magic is troubled with the lost.  If Magic would of won, they probably would of had momentum going into the next game. Now, Lakers are sitting lovely with another game to clinch the championship.  Check out the buzzer beater shot on video above:

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  1. Game 1: at LAL

    ORL 75, LAL 100 – Final

    RecapBox Score

  2. Game 2: at LAL

    ORL 96, LAL 101 – Final OT

    RecapBox Score

  3. Game 3: at ORL

    LAL 104, ORL 108 – Final

    RecapBox Score

  4. Game 4: at ORL

    LAL 99, ORL 91 – Final OT

    RecapBox Score

  5. Game 5: at ORL

    Sun, Jun 14 – 8:00 pm EDT

    TV: ABC, TSN

  6. Game 6: at LAL

    Tue, Jun 16 – 9:00 pm EDT

    TV: ABC, TSN

  7. Game 7: at LAL

    Thu, Jun 18 – 9:00 pm EDT

    TV: ABC, TSN



2 Responses

  1. Derek’s the man. Kobe the man too. Lakers Yes.. Bobby Gee Check this out

  2. I believe Derek Fisher is the sole reason why the lakers went through what they did a few years ago. They didnt realize how much he meant to the team.

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