Six Flags files Bankruptcy! Statement from Chief Executive Mark Shapiro released!

This story is strange, but not uncommon as the recession is a beast on the loose!  Six Flags is now broke, well, restructuring their finances by filing for bankruptcy.  I guess attraction parks are a luxury item and their not selling well in modern days.  The funny part is that Six flags has partnered with China in April 2008 and was eager to expand operations to a new crowd.  The CEO in stated after the deal: “This partnership underscores the renewed health of our brand and the opportunities that now lie ahead for our unique thrill park experience…We’re excited about the potential of collaborating with Gulf Finance House to bring the new Six Flags and its recharged product to an entirely new audience.”

It even purchased 40% of Dick Clark Productions (American Bandstand) in 2007 and made some deals with sponsors that included  Cold Stone Creamery, Johnny Rockets, Tyson Foods (chicken), Chrysler, and Nintendo.  Now on the brink of stock that are worth 26 cents a share, they’re filing bankruptcy.   Maybe they are moving overseas & just need to file this in America? If you know, please comment.

“This process is strictly a financial restructuring of our debt,” Chief Executive Mark Shapiro said in a statement.



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  3. everything is going bankrupt. I think the key is to downsize businesses by making this more cost effective and efficient.

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