Twitpocalypse is now upon us! What is it and when did it happen? Read more.

The Twitpocalypse is similar to the Y2K bug in 2000 where a function, then the clock function, was not completely understood before building it.  Back then, clocks were to be reset on arrival of the year 2000, back to being read as the year 1900, causing confusion to computing systems.  Now, instead of a clock function from Y2K, we have a ‘tweet function’ with twitter.  Whats the trouble? There’s a certain number of tweets handled by the system. It is a set number (the maximum number of a 32-bit signed integer) that will cause problems. Simply, the allowed or cut off number is over 2 billion tweets. It’s set to happen June 12 5pm EST which is earlier than expect, so they can fix before the weekend traffic.  From doing research as of June 13 update, the unique identifier associated to each tweet has now exceeded 2,147,483,647. This is over the limit and yet I’m still tweeting news to my buddies, unaffected. Maybe they successfully fixed it as a only a few apps were affected from my research. Reports are not readily available as this event takes place behind doors & low key. I bet an official release will be made Mon. or Tues.

Updated: Twitter released statement Jun12:

“As planned, we averted the twitpocalypse with a deploy this afternoon,” says Twitter co-founder Biz Stone.

Affected Twitter Tools

Tweetie on Iphone App (updated: returns back to Apple iStore fixed of errors & available for purchase)

Twitterrific, is completely broken right now due to API errors — at least the iPhone version. Some reports have said TweetDeck is facing similar problems. – Tech Crunch

Read Articles:

Mashable Details programs affected: click here

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