Guy Arrested for Stealing Construction Barrels to design Roadside Monster gets Interview & Recognition. Social Networking sites start buzzing!

A man was arrested and charged with stealing construction barrels and creating a monster sculputure on the roadside.  This story is hillarious as the guy is very creative and showed he can design with the basic of tools, but the city isn’t laughing that hard.  They have been pressed on charging him with larcency, destroying public property, and a few more may arise.  Well today it looks like he accepts to do an interview and describe his experience from all this.  He states the company that owns the barrels has show interest in dropping charges and using this as advertising, lol.  I guess he got some fame in all, but hope he doesnt have to pay court cost or restitution for the damages.  Check out the video for his “in the car” interview and even see the aligator that he created from before, yes, its more than one time, lol.

Joseph Carnevale  = NC State Student

Smoking Gun Paperwork:  See the Arrest Warrant


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