Iran Protesters face Violence with Video Postings on Web to Prove it! Get update & Watch Amazing Video Coverage!

The Iran election continues to be one of the hottest trends on Twitter.  The election seems as important as the Obama and McCain US political election. Recently in Iran politics, the incumbent, Amadenijad, wins a close election(as told & reported) in which there has been large protest against the results.  Some people of Iran feel there was voter fraud andeven thousands that voted for the opposing party wants in return some form of justice.  They have been protesting for days, especially in the city of Tehran, in flock of hundreds, chanting for change.  From my personal research, this is getting way out of hand with bloody images all over the web. To see what I’m talking about, watch Rallies and Protestors demonstrate while government tries to control them below.  Buses are getting burned and things detroyed. I seen a lady fall flat on her face in the commotion. When managing the crowd gets difficult, acts of violence arise…leaving some injured or even killed in the street.  This must change and God Bless the country.  I hope peace comes soon.  I guess theirs a need for democracy, but lets stop the violence!

If any video is removed, please comment to let us know.

Even more articles that are helpful to understand this:


Violence still is abundant as protesters and iran officials clash in the street.  In other countries across the world, people are sympathetic to these actions, as seen on Twitter.  For one week straight, this trending topic has brought us closer to understand the Iranian people’s struggle.  Green has been the color to represent the change in the Iran election, with many Twitter profiles using a green tint to represent that Peace.  To get your Icon, for free, simple email your pic to  They will send your pic back within 24 hrs, or just use the growing popular icon below. Simply right click, and choose save image as.  Now that it’s save, go to your twitter settings and change picture.

Free Green Icon for Twitter, Save it!

Free Green Icon for Twitter, Save it!

Use this Temporary Icon to support Peace in IRAN!


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