Jon & Kate Plus 8’s Big Announcement ends in Divorce! The Kids get the House, J&K take Alternate Shifts. Watch Post-Video Coverage!

This was all expected, wasn’t it?  We watched them feud and some even criticized over the treatment of the kids in all this.  I admit, it is hell to manage 8 kids and we may not be perfect, but this seems to be more than just the kids now. With all the money funnelling in from the show, I believe money has changed this 10 year marriage.  The road of marriage is difficult and if one party becomes to self-centered, it will never work, as an underlying sympathy for the relationship as a whole must always weigh more than your personal goals.  It took 10 years for this? No, it took 10 thousand paid a few too many times (actually 75,000 each episode).  Kate has been spotted in my home state of North Carolina at the beach, looking quite amazing!  From giving birth, she has managed to get surgery to get her physique back better than what it was before the kids.  She is turning into a star, and poor John is not gonna be disrespected or treated less of man ( my opinion, lol)  So today, on the big announcement of June 22, John sat on the same couch, the one that they once was cuddled up telling their life on, then later shown with space between them after an arguement, and now, separated, with only Jon sitting on the couch to announce his plans for a mutual divorce.  Kate was recorded also as the show switched back and forth to their opinions.  This caused a great buzz on Twitter today with Trending topics of this and Perez Hilton.  Updated:  TLC is reportedly not happy with the announcement and will review the contract with Jon & Kate Plus 8  <read more from TLC: click here>.  More details to come!

UPDATED:  Watch a special documentary about this event!

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