Lost South Carolina Governor Sanford, is found to have extramarital affair! Announces in Press Release and Now GOP will Struggle. Watch here!

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has been missing in action the last few days.  He didn’t tell anyone where he was, as his staff reports he was hiking in the Appalachain trail.  This led to asking his wife and she said she wasnt sure, but he probably was clearing his head.  Numerous media outlets where clinging to the story and maybe politics was behind it, but the coverup only lasted one day as now he at the press release choking up.  They said, “he’s on a trip, that’s what he does when he’s frustrated” and even more powerful statements such as “he wouldn’t be in his right character if he didn’t runaway, he looked beaten down in office last week, or it was nothing”.  SC has been struggling to keep its GOP roots and now will face more hardships.  The scandal is part of the many politician downfalls in recent times.  Maybe its the recession that has people loosing it, lol, but I hope our leaders and citizens learn lessons and help to get everyone back in tip top shape.

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EARLIER From Rachel Maddow of MSNBC:

Updated:  June 25   More commentary


One Response

  1. Sounds like they were confused the past couple of days, instead of “on the Appalachian Trail” he was on an “Argetenian Tail!”

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