Michael Jackson Mystery Grows. Rumors: Kids Are Not MJ’s, Custody Battle, Neverland Ranch Funeral, & even Kim Kardashian Dated MJ’s Nephew? See Here.


The mysteries surrounding Michael’s death has grown even bigger, with custody battles, autopsies, & trying to figure out who exactly is MJ in his latter years.  The biggest controversy currently is MJ’s kids.  Rumor has it, they are not his, but thats not it…  they are NOT the mother’s either who gave birth to the kids.  From reports, the sperm and egg was formed outside the womb and then given to a surrogate to carry for Michael’s sake.  Is the sperm really MJ’s? And does the surrogate have rights to the kids?  Rumor has it, the Kids were from MJ’s dermatologist and vowed to never tell the secret, this guy was the boss of the surrogate mother as well.  To continue, the custody battle is ongoing as everyone is claiming rights to the kids.  The mother (thought as surrogate) could get the oldest two, but will a judge split the kids up which is rare.  The Jackson Family has had custody after MJ’s death as well.  As we find out the true parents, maybe they will have some say so.

The neverland ranch was rumored to be the location of the funeral while some reports say he wouldn’t even want that.  Kim Kardashian gets in the spotlight while telling her story as a young girl dating Michael’s Nephew.  She recalls going to the Neverland ranch and saying its the most magical place on earth for her 14th birthday.  Stay tuned for more and check breaking news articles below:


Jackson’s funeral will by far eclipse that of Elvis Presley in 1977, at which 75,000 fans lined the streets of Memphis.

It could even rival Princess Diana’s 12 years ago when 250,000 gathered in Hyde Park alone ~ telegraph.co.uk


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