Google Chrome OS Heads to Battle Microsoft Windows on NetBooks. The Great Tech Battle will Begin!


Whats New?

Microsoft has been in serious trouble lately, as the Tech Era has boosted some quality companies in positioned compete with the software giant.  Google is one of them and personally, They run the web!  With that power, they have also been successful with products like Maps, Email, Docs, Groups, how bout the Android Mobile OS on my Tmobile sidekick phone! Their online advertising pushed them to the top, I just named a few, but theirs plenty more services from Google, i dont wanna type a book, lol.

Do you like the Google Chrome Browser? I am typing currently from the Google Chrome Browser which I test drove a year ago and have been stuck on it ever since.  I am a tech junkie and practically live on the web.  I study web trends and technology, so it takes alot to move my brand loyalty to another, so Google is really doing its job in satisfying users.  The organization of data is amazing and yet simplistic design helps too.

On July 7, Google has announced its plans to create an open source Operating System for the tiny Netbooks that have been sprouting up everywhere.  I don’t like ’em, but can’t rule out not buying one for 200 or cheaper, just to be more mobile.  Google’s plan puts them in a hot seat and for the last 10 years, they’ve been driving with great skill.  I will definitely check out the OS and feel kinda bad for Microsoft if they start loosing market position.  Why are they’re products not keeping the same innovative spunk that Bill Gates started with? I thought that guy was a genius, maybe his motivation fades when money grows, but I hope he gets it together soon.

Good job, Google, and keep impressing me!

For details of this new operating system from Google, check below:

Great Coverage Directly From Google:  Read FAQ on Chrome OS

Companies supporting Google's OS Development

Google Chrome OS Details

Coming Late 2010
Designed for Netbooks
Linux Based – No MS Windows!
Cloud-computing- Runs from web to adapt to device functions
Could lower price of Netbooks
Open-Source Code – Not yet Released, plans for “end of 2009”
Security:  Virus-resistant and easy to update
Processor:  x86 processors – Just like a smartphone!
standard Core 2 Duo
Go to Google’s Blog: click here
No screenshots have been released with announcement. Google hasn’t submitted info to the conference either.  We’ll se how it goes in the next months as they market their product’s brand.  Stay tuned, thanks for reading!

Great Articles covering Google Chrome OS:

VIDEO on Google Chrome/Android Netbooks:


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