What?! Blue M&M’s Linked to Help Spinal Injuries. Rats tested, healed, but side effects include turning blue! Read more!

BLUE M&MS? Trending Topic?

This is very weird and crazy! I had to do a little research to find out what is going on with Twitter and Blue M&M’s. Come to find out, this is real research and posted by main media across the US.  The study concluded that mice treated with the same blue dye (BBG) that is used in M&M’s and Gatorade, has helped these rodents improve from the spinal injuries endured. The only side effect is that the rats turned blue too! lol So u may can be able to withstand the back pain or be able to walk again, but look like a lost member of the blueman group. That doesn’t mean that M&Ms are now prescribed OTC at the candy shop for those paralyzed, but means there are great leads in this study to help find a true medicine that aids in helping the disabled;  The future looks better for these injuries! In the corporate world, M&M’s had some free advertising from the story’s release! I read a few tweets stating they were gonna go buy the candy just because it made the Twitter Trending Topics of the day, lol, not me, i like the green, lol.  Read more articles below from major media sources and thanks for coming by for the brief version.

M and M`s - Blue Wallpaper

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