Is Everyone Going Google or Are We Here Already? Microsoft stimulates Google to Run More Aggressive Ads!


So the battle heats up! Microsoft vs Google and somewhere in there is Apple and the little guys.  In recent weeks, Google announced the Chrome OS operating system for netbooks that would align to compete with Microsoft Windows.  Google has dipped in every field since becoming web giants with rumors they are even helping design cars.  Microsoft has took offense and has came out of the wood works to finally unveil some powerful changes to their company strategy.  Google is trying to two-step with the giants by annoucing their ad campaign of “Going Google”.  It near as plain looking as Mac’s attempt to stop the monopolistic Microsoft Corp.  Microsoft has been vulnerable after Vista, but looks geared up to compete harder.

Vista is passing and now Microsoft has announced cloud based Apps for their Office lineup.  This will compete with Google Apps which has been gain ground in the word processing-web world.  Microsoft has also complete a long awaited deal with Yahoo that would allow a 10 year ad campaign and shared search engine support to help both companies grow.  The deal includes 88% revenue to Yahoo, which needs it since stocks has been slowed, and gives Microsoft more leverage to take aim at the web market.

Now, Google has launched a new ad campaign to protect their online Apps.  Its called “Going Google” and alot of people are doing it.  Personally, I’ve always liked Google, but don’t know if they can top the Microsoft Corp, even though they have made amazing progress.  Microsoft is a monopoly and now has good competition to bring out the best features and prices to the customers.

The ad campaign will start in major cities, targeting traffic by changing billboards with messages as seen in the photo above.  Will this be enough to stay in the game & keep your ground?  We’ll see!  Apple has been successful keeping their luxury line of laptops and phones, will they move to video gaming or more consumer electronics?

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