Katherine Jackson Obtains Custody of Michael Jackson Children as Debbie Rowe Maintains Visitation in Legal Agreement.

Court resumed the legal battle for Michael Jackson’s children.  This story has been gaining worldwide attention as many are curious of who will win custody of the children.  The biological mother, Debbie Rowe, is rumored to take money to let the Jackson family have the children, but recently, she has fought back against media, stating she does care for the children.  Michael Jackson’s will named his mother to look after the children and Debbie Rowe has most recently agreed.  Court has now awarded MJ’s mother, Katherine Jackson, full custody of the kids and Debbie Rowe can retain visitation rights as well.  We can now focus on new rumors of the Dermatologist being the biological father or if Debbie Rowe was actually a surrogate mother whereas the true egg came from another woman unknown.  I don’t wanna stir things up, but I do pay attention to the media and try to sort out the nonsense.  There are a few unanswered ones remaining.  Check out some new articles we caught this August on the MJ case:


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