Save Paula Abdul from Quitting American Idol is Launched on Twitter!

Paula Abdul has announced on her Twitter she will not be returning to American Idol.  Personally, I don’t know if this is leverage to get a better deal than Ryan Seacrest’s 15 million or if she is really serious and feels more empowered to find a better contract from another company.  Rumor has it, offers are on the table from “So You Think You Can Dance” and why wouldn’t someone else want her.  The drunk lines go only so far, the real Paula is a star, a sweet woman, & has songs that are classic hits which represent music pretty well.  I don’t know how far the tide has turned and who Paula is fully today after all the chaos, but giving benefit of the doubt, I support her.

Stay tuned as the story continues and more video is released, hopefully from Paula as well.  I’m trying to find a support site or a “Save Paula” website, but none seems to be popular enough to pop up on my radar.  If you know, let me know, in comments.  By posting a tweet with “Save Paula” helps keep her in the twitter trending topics and receive the attention by media outlets, so send one today.

Rumors: Victoria Beckam as Paula’s Replacement

Check out what I found: video and articles below, enjoy!

Paula Abdul Invited To ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ MTV

‘American Idol’ Doesn’t Need Paula Abdul newsweek

Idol’s Idols React to Paula Abdul’s Departure eONLINE

Abdul’s exit could rejuvenate or kill ‘Idol’ msnbc

Kara dioguardi returning to ‘American Idol’


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