Sonia Sotomayor WINS! First Hispanic, 111th Supreme Court Justice Will Be Sworn in Saturday

Sonia Sotomayor has recieved enough votes and is confirmed the as the US’s first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice. She’ll be officially sworn on Saturday to become the 111th justice.  Hispanics were shown celebrating across the country with great admiration and support for her and the culture’s growth.  Obama made a statement describing it as steps to a more perfect union.  Personally, I love seeing diversity at its best and shows the level of skills different leaders possess in all equality.  With a recession, we can use a little more morale uprising and get our minds off of the greatest gadgets in the world, to think family or just more humanitarian.  You sometimes have to think deeper before judging each person as a scumbag or illiterate, lol. Really, we need to help other’s weaknesses and help good-hearted folks to succeed to make this place a litter better.  Thanks for reading and congratulation to Sonia Sotomayor!

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