Twitter Gets Hacked with Large Distributed Denial of Service Attack!

Twitter was knocked offline today at 915 am Est.  The site suffered a large distributed denial of service attack in which so much traffic is sent to the site or utilized at once, that the site fails.  Service is denied to everyone from the flood and it did, causing a frantic amongst the Twitter managemnt.  Twitter jumped on the problem and had everything up in running, but coming back caused the “Denial of Service” to become one of the twitter Trending Topics of the day.  Other sites, not as big as twitter, have suffered similar attacks in the last few weeks.  Rumor is, the apache servers ran by Verio and the Bind9 domain servers have vulnerabilities.

Hope everything is stable now, I need my tweets, lol.  I’ve had a few problems since the morning, but nothing that kept the network down. There seems to be a problem at facebook as well, which could be from the flow of traffic that shifted there.  Check out the story from a few more sources below!

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alt text


Facebook having similar flooding problems!


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  2. thank you! I really liked this post!

  3. thank you! I really liked this post!

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