Facebook buys FriendFeed startup, Get Details Inside!

Facebook has bought out FriendFeed in a great merger for the small startup.  If you don’t use FriendFeed, its a twitter-like or RSS feed to your buddies, and even offers support for all your other favorite social networking sites as well. Just update one and its a chain reaction to the others, try it at friendfeed.com.  As the merger hits, 12 employess of Friendfeed will not start work for the Facebook company with the four founders taking senior engineering positions.  I guess the updating features will get better. Rumor is friendfeed will help facebook acquire a search engine for status updates.  I hope a super makeover is in the works and is great for all of its users, I think they’re scared to change right now. Facebook is number one though, why bother changing!  Check out articles below with more details about the deal.  Thanks for stopping by and retweet us anytime by using http://bit.ly/trendz

MAJOR MEDIA ARTICLES with more details:



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