Michael Vick Signs with Philadelphia Eagles after Prison! So who’s faster, accurate, & superbowl material?

Once playoff competitors, Vick and McNabb are now allies.

So Michael Vick was released from prison for underground dog fights and now is back in action. Within this status quo deal, lol, he will get a two year contract (1yr with option for 2nd) from my favorite team, the Philadelpia Eagles.  Other teams were eyeing the fast QB, but many were not willing to gamble with signing him.  There’s plenty of people who oppose and the backlash is growing, but I doubt it will stop his star power. It was said, Vick will not play until week 6 in season because of prior decision by the NFL, however, it looks like they are clearing the road to have him ready for opening (as backup).

In the past, Vick wasn’t the most accurate when throwing the ball and came into the league with merely just speed working for him whenever he did get playing time.  He did develop gradually and was at the best shape before the arrest. If he’s back into that shape and has not lost some of his marbles in the pin, lol, then I can’t wait to see him this upcoming season. Eagles are my favorite team & a superbowl with a convict mite be a comeback story for your ass!

The only problem now is, the Eagles have two of the fastest QB’s and state they will start McNabb as Vick is just back up.  But hey, McNabb gets injured almost every season, so expect some Vick playing time.  Check out some of the new articles below. Mostly of him apologizing for the past and Coach Reid of Eagles giving info on why he made decision to sign Vick.  Thanks and come back, we keep the good stuff!   😉





4 Responses

  1. If Vick had murdered that many people, would be still be allowed to play, The answer is NO

    • duh, lol. I think he thought dogs were unimportant until he was sitting in prison. Vick is an extreme activist now and repenting every way he knows how. I think he’ll make a good addition to the injury prone McNabb. I agree with you that he is one of the players with the worse criminal backgrounds in the league. His practice went really good, I just hope they let him play the opening and not wait til 6 weeks is up (october)

  2. Omg, wow. I have to fire the kid who did this, lol, embarassing. Thanks for telling me!

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