District 9 gets Great Reviews and Opens Box Office at 13 million! See Trailer and Screenshots here!

WATCH District 9: The Link is below, under Trailer!

DISTRICT 9 is HERE! With Great Review!

Wikus Van De Merwe (Sharlto Copley, left) and his associates (Mandla Gaduka, centre, and Kenneth Nkosi) prepare to clear out an alien slum in the South African sci-fi film District 9.

This movie has been getting a great deal of buzz across the web! District 9 has a great plot as Aliens are detained in South Africa, showing a mix of cultures.  I haven’t seen it yet, but will make my way to the theater soon, especially when critics rate this movie a perfect 10!  I enjoyed a GI Joe and rate it a B. Check out our other post on the sidebar to Watch Box Office Movies from your computer for free. Now the quality isn’t the best, but you didn’t have to dish out money for tickets, gas, & popcorn, lol.  We have received links to watch the following movies:  Harry Potter-Half Blood Prince, GI Joe, Funny People, and we will update this page with a District 9 movie link here soon. Also, District 9 News Articles & Trailer  are posted below, thanks & come again!

OFFICIAL TRAILER for District 9 Movie Release


WATCH District 9 Movie ONLINE [Med. Quality]


*** DISCLAIMER***  This movie is brought to you by the website: watch-movies-links.net Simply click link above, then click [watch full movie] for no interuptions as others have a 3 part series. It’s free and even includes a download link to add to your media device (Apple iPhone, PSP, iPod, etc) Thanks, Enjoy!



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  1. Yeah I thought District 9 was really good!! Maybe a little preachy though!! Kinda labouring the point a little!! Check out my review at blubbalips.wordpress.com!!

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