Usain Bolt beats Tyson Gay in World Championship in Berlin! Breaks World Record. Watch Video!

WATCH AUG 16 BERLIN Meet:  WR 9.58


  • Usain Bolt World Champion in Berlin 2009 by 09.58
  • Tyson Gay finishes in 9.71 seconds
  • Usafa Powell third in a season’s best 9.84


Usain Bolt proves pure box office at World Championships in Berlin


4 Responses

  1. is “Bolt” his real name? or has he earned that nickname from his amazing speed, i wonder

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  3. Bolt IS his real name — I guess he’s living up to it. 🙂

    He ran 9.58 seconds AFTER an injury to his foot earlier this year.



    I can’t find appropriate words…

    • Yes that’s his real name and probably gives him a boost toward his ego and talent, lol. Lightning Bolt has been a phenomenal star in the Bejing Olympics and usually doesn’t want to break the world record for some odd reason. Go to youtube and watch his other performances where he slows down and jogs near the finish line to tease the other runners. Cocky but funny and entertaining as well. He’s the fastest man alive today!!! go Usain Bolt and team Jamaica (usafa, you too) But don’t let me find out these giants are on Steriods & performance enhancers!!!

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