Playstation 3 (PS3) Cheaper, Slimmer, & New! Lets Review the $299 New Console!

PlayStation 3 Slim announced Aug 18 and available September 1

Announcing a Price Drop, for the brand new Sony PS3! Like Xbox, who has managed to drop their price to $199usd and attract many gamers, Sony looks to do the same.  This new console design will attract them as if a new one has came out, not to mention it is only $299usd compared to the $399 version out now.  On September 1, there will be people lining up to get this deal, we just wanna know if there’s gonna be enough left on the shelves.  Recession is still here and the gaming industry has suffered a lost, too; as only the strong will survive.  Madden 2010 is out! Check more specs below as well as great articles and photos of the Slim PS3.  Please share on Twitter or Facebook!
  • 256MB XDR Main RAM, 256MB GDDR3 VRAM
  • You can not add Linux! Install new OS feature is disabled in Slim PS3
  • Bravia Sync Feature:  Use your Bravia TV remote to control you PS3
  • Accessories: New Vertical Stand available for purchase
  • The Logo has change! From ALL CAPS to “PlayStation”
  • New Firmware 3.0
  • You can not Play PS2 games, not compatible
  • Automatic Standby Feature: Will turn off your PS3 automatically
  • Semiconductors & power supply unit to the cooling mechanism is redesigned

Even more specs on the PS3 Slim: click here very detailed!


SEE ALL THE PS3 Slim PHOTOS: different angles

Flickr Images referred by the Sony Blog: Link to SONY Specs of the PS3

or click below for

Click Image to View Gallery! Nice!


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