Nintendo’s Wii Ware is Trending on Twitter! Learn more about the Top Games & Service inside!

Wii Ware is video game services offered to Nintendo users to get more games.  Users can download a game from the Wii Shop Channel, then it’s downloaded to their internal memory card.  The most popular game sold as of 2009 is World of Goo. Most games are priced in Nintendo Points 500-1500. Developers can participate in creating apps or games by purchasing their $2000 kit and become approved by the company.  Kinda pricey, but now possible. Maybe it’ll spread like iphone apps!  Check out our list of Great Wii Ware Sources below:

Official Nintendo: Wii Ware Site

Shadow Complex gets great reviews! Best Downloadable Game Ever? SEE PREVIEWS: click “read more” below

Check out SHADOW COMPLEX in Action, play video Below:

TOP 20 for AUG 19-20th (click name to visit Nintendo’s site)

1  – Reel Fishing Challenge
2  –
My Aquarium
3  –
NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits
4  –
Sexy Poker
5  –
My Pokémon Ranch
6  –
World of Goo
7 –
Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 1
8  –
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
9  –
Tetris Party
Texas Hold’em Tournament
11 –
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My life as a Darklord
12 –
Dr Mario Online Rx
13 –
Water Warfare
14 –
Family Mini Golf
15 –
16 –
Defend Your Castle
17 –
18 –
Brain Challenge
19 –
Cue Sports – Pool Revolution
20 –
Ant Nation



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