Somoa Hit by Tsunami as Earthquake adds more Problems to Region. Philipines & Vietnam Recovers, Somoa Looks for Rescue and Aid.


Philippines reports 1.9 million homes destroyed in Manila with nearly 380,000 seeking shelter.  This is probably half of the ones who really need help or are struggling at relatives and friends homes, crowded or feeling the financial burden.  Aid agencies are working vigorously to help the region, however, storms are developing rapidly as Cambodia to Vietnam has received heavy damage. The most recent weather disaster was the tsunami that flooded streets of Somao.  The earthquake happened in the ocean, causing the massive wave, then flooding inward toward coastal city villages.  Check report of the death toll as of this week for these natural disasters!

Typhoon Ketsana

Philippines = 284 dead or missing

Vietnam = 23 dead  170,000 evacuated

Tsunami-  Sept. 30

Samoa = 47 dead, 100 presumed and injuries are not recorded yet


IN THE NEWS, the National Disasters:

A main road in the downtown area of Fagatogo, is seen flooded by water from a tsunami located in the main town area in American Samoa.

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Kate Plus 8, Minus Jon Equals TLC’s newest decision. Thats (K+8-J=$) lol. Read about the changes this Fall.

TLC gave Jon Gosselin red papers, lol. No, let me clarify.  Jon has a more limited role in the series JON & KATE PLUS 8! As of November 1 2009, the show will become KATE PLUS 8, which will focus on raising eight kids as a single mom.  Jon is expected to pop in and out of the show.   As of August, the show was at over 4 million but last week its down to 1.7 million viewers. This seems like a smart move after the recent divorce filed and papparazi showcase of the feuding couple.

Kate looks ready to fulfill her responsibility on the show to get some stardom, so lets hope Jon will find a great investment to venture off to.  He has been spotted with some great celebs, but when will the mojo run out and recognize he’s just like all of us.  That’s alot of kids, maybe Kate will make the next irrational move; i’m tuned in this fall on TLC.  You can check Kate on the Food Network as well as an appearance on the “The View”.

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Flash Forward TV Show Hits UK, Social Media, and USA! We got the link to see now, Online!

SEE IT NOW – click here!

I actually seen this, and wow, great action and fit for abc.

I give 2 thumbs up, 4stars.

WATCH FLASH FORWARD online Click Here!

NEWS Article about FlashForward:

Larry King interviews Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – Talks Obama, Neda, Holocaust, & Nuclear Facility. WATCH VIDEO HERE!


Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sits down with Larry King Live for a full interview.  Questions from the Iran election to the newly exposed nuclear facility that has been kept secret, was mentioned in the interview.  The infamous youtube video of an Iran protest, showing a woman dying in the streets was of great concern to Larry King.  The woman, Neda, who was shot by a rifle in close range, was a victim of the violence of these protest after the wary Iran election.  Ahmadinejad stated she was not in the protest, was leaving dance class, and drew speculation of the person who shot the video from cell phone camera.  He states that someone was following Neda and captured her death, but was reluctant to show the shooter to bring him to justice.  He also compared the incident to a similar one that happen to Hugo Chavez which was very similar, stating the US was behind that incident.  Ahmadinejad was also asked if he still felt that the holocaust was a fictional event.  He in return avoided the questions many times and acknowledged the event, but felt it had no place in history or the eyes of politicians across the world.  Overall, the interview was hasty, where Ahmadinejad avoided answers and turned the question around various times.  My favorite was when he stated the US had more people in prison dying then his country.  To conclude, he acts as if he is disappointed with Obama, but still has room to solve international issues with peace talks.  In recent times, Russia has considered sanctions of Iran after the recently revealed uranium enrichment plant.  Obama is trying to solve this problem without causing Mid-East tensions and we’ll see the engagement of talks in the next week or so.  To check news articles look below or share this post on your social networking sites with web address  Thanks!

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G20 Summit in Pittsburgh: Protestors, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Police All Present! Tongue tied yet? Just Watch the Video inside!

Pittsburgh, PA is host of the G20 Summit of world leaders.  Thursday and Friday was marked with heavy security and serious talks on how to change the world. As the 19 Prime Ministers and Presidents retreated with Obama, many local citizens were worried about the violence than endures from protestors.  There have been large rallies in many other G20 locations in attempt to draw attention to some interesting issues involving climate change, capitalism and the economy, or even military.  Religious leaders took part in the rallies as well, trying to get their points to the leaders as well.  Back inside, leaders discuss the world economy, with different views from countries that are less developed versus some regions that control most of the economic activity of the world.  The debate has been about spending money to fix up places to generate more stable economy.  Whether its stimulus packages or economic development in regions that could sprout up more opportunity.  Global warming was another topic as efforts to lower emissions were discussed. And lastly, financial reform was a major issue.  This reform should help stabilize the market from corrupt activities, predatory practices, or other negative aspects that led to the collapse in the realty market to wall street.  This means no more super fees from the bank or credit cards charging interest on the outstanding interest owed, lol.  Hopefully someone will listen and Obama can show off his people skills.  Lets pray they have the right decision, but everything SEEMS to be going smoothly.  Personally, we need to boost consumer buying power and help companies who get the consumer’s money to hire more folks. Who knows if its from tax breaks or government grants, but something has to focus on many microeconomic points to solve this as a whole!  Thanks for reading and check back for more action other then the politics this week, believe me, someone will do something crazy soon 😉 is our link, share it!

michelleobamaG20spouses.jpg G-20 image by aminahhanan

Obama’s Agenda”


Pittsburgh host Summit:

G20 Summit in the News, Great Sources include:

Wedding Details emerge for Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom. Check out Video and Pics Here.



click to WATCH – KLOE in her WEDDING DRESS

Wedding Guest to look for:

  • Kobe Bryant
  • Ryan Seacrest
  • Chelsea Handler

Check out Celebrities at the Wedding: click here

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HOT news releases of THE MARRIAGE:

Khloe Kardashian is set to marry NBA Baller Lama Odom from the LA Lakers.  The marriage is set on Sunday with details in the video listed above. Lamar is 29 and brings two children in the picture as his other son passed away at the baller’s home in 2006.  Khloe is 25 and has starred in a reality show about her family, which portrayed a dysfunctional side of the hollywood family.  The wedding recession is planned for to take place at music manager, Irving Azoff’s home.  Lakers start their first game on Oct. 7, so lets see if this helps the scoreboard such as the Jessica Simpson/Tony Roma relationship.

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PHOTO GALLERY of Khloe Kardashian: click here

khloe kardashian wedding


In the News, Khloe Kardashian:

Khloe Kardashian hot sexy curvy body picture

Pee Wee Herman Now on Twitter! Talks Sex Addiction & New Show in Full Character at The Jay Leno Show!

Pee-wee Herman Twitter

pee-wee Herman tweet

Paul Reuben appeared on Jay Leno to have a chat about his sex addiction and the new Pee Wee Herman show coming back (no pun). Pee Wee’s also on Twitter @peeweeherman and already racked in 10,000 followers. On the show,  He states it has new material as well as the classic Pee Wee Herman many grew to love from the 80’s.  Paul Reuben suddenly stopped the show after a successful run during Saturday Cartoon Time slots, when he was caught in a movie theater exposing himself.  He took the charge and landed a few roles in movies that were kinda rough around the edges, such as a marijuana dealer in blow, compared to Pee Wee’s Big Adventure with the cute “inspector gadget-type” bike.  Them were the good ole’ movies with no one brave enough to take that same role today, lol.  Thanks for reading, comeback for more trendz and look around for popular post.


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Remember his brush in with the law? lol

WHO IS Paul Reuben??

News on Pee Wee Herman:

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