OMG & WTF Happened! Maia Campbell, from In the House, is All Over Web: Crack Videos, Singing Nude, And Explict Pics!


montana and maia

In the span of a month, 33-year-old actress Maia Campbellhas been arrested twice. Her most recent run in with the law took place on July 5th in Santa Monica, and Campbell is still in custody with a $40,100 bail. She is allowed no visitors…though the public can contribute to her “jail account” via the internet.  (via Global Grind)

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More Maia Campbell Nude Madness

A star will be a star, no matter how good or bad they are doing in their personal life.  Take Maia Campbell, for example. She was a great young star and even won awards for her role in “In the House” with LL Cool J (Read her Bio, click here).  Maia had many movies and features in sitcoms as well.  Since then, her mother passed away in 2006 and she checked in a mental hospital in 2007.  Now, today, Twitter blast all her business over the web.  Crazy pictures and videos surfaced, making it to some pretty big blogs & media sources and creating a buzz all day (Sept3).  Personally, I think she’s a little mental and broke down into some kind of schizophrenic/bi polar state of mind, with the help of drugs (Updated: Truth, via news records 07).  She is seen in one video, riding in passenger side in a neighborhood and being hounded by a cameraman who is from the neighborhood.  Maia is under the influence and talking really wreckless, with her nerves bad, her mood switching, and anger in almost every word.  In another video she sings Ashanti and carelessly lets her top fall down as if she has bigger problems or only focussed on the drugs or her state of mind. This one is sad as she seems like she has a little bit of emotion left.  Other Pics of her nude has also arisen and most of the twitterverse has started a new hashtag called #Pray4MaiaCampbell after seeing some of these candid media shots.  I pray for her as well and to view some of the crazy pics, look at the links below:  Updated: Video of her is at bottom of this blog too!

PARENTAL ADVISORY: Explicit Content Below – Must be over 18 to click

Maia Campbell VIDEO:  In the hood, cussing, fussing & video taped! She says “Anti-horny”

Maia Campbell PICS/VID:  Naked Pic & Singing Ashanti Nude, High Sounds good, but sad

Maia Campbell PHOTO: 2nd Nude Photo How much was she paid?

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Maia Campbells mother passed away in 2006, studying mental disorders and was a very public service type lady. Maybe she was sending a message to her daughter then. Maia has been checked into a mental hospital in 2007 and has suffered worse since then. Check out her website that is still running at  This story was previously seen at Paula Mooney’s Blog: Pray & Spread the Word to Save Maia Campbell  Check it out!


THE VIDEO of Maia Campbell on Drugs


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  1. tracking back – OMG & WTF Happened! Maia Campbell, from In the House, is All Over Web: Crack Videos, Singing Nude, And Explict Pics! … tracking back – OMG & WTF Happened! Maia Campbell, from In the House, is All Over Web: Crack Videos, Singing Nude, And Explict Pics! …

  2. Check out the video I made for my song, “The Maia Campbell Song (Maia We Love You)” at the following link:

    Feel free to re-post it and share it with your friends!


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