How to Use Twitter’s Advanced Search Features. Be a Pro in 5 Minutes with this Post!

The battle heats up with online companies trying to muscle up.  Twitter has developed some great new search features to help get real-time results, trends, and other key terms within conversations.  This is admist the recent social media giant, Facebook, purchasing the small company,, which manages all your favorite sites to message your friends.  The new addition to their search engine kind of looks like and’s recent battle in making search fun again.  Are we surfing or browsing? lol, anyhow, learn more about the features below.

The newest Trend is how to search better with Twitter’s new advanced search features.  Well if you pay attention, you’ll be more advanced then these features, know how to use them effectively, and find ways to increase the results of your online strategy.  For the basics, Twitter is a big text message world, alot of one-way communication messages sent to their followers.  To increase your followers go to especially if you’re under 100.  I know, all your friends aren’t on Twitter or, who cares how many buddies you have.  Well, having thousands of friends is very beneficial and could land you the right opportunity your life may need, lol.  You great ideas can spread, possibly creating a trend or an offer from a great entity.  Or as an entrepreneur, you can gather a network of a certain hobbies or industries, and sale something, get them to read your blog, or get advice from pros in something you will in your career.  Now that you know how to get friends and why, you need to look good on your profile.  A nice background, appealing profile pic, and your bio filled in correctly, should let you meet folks and not scare them away.  Make sure you don’t spam and have great messages, that provide benefit, like discounts, links to breaking news articles, or even a few words like quotes or jokes. Others will see these tweets and determine if they wanna follow you.  How do they see them? By searching Twitter using . Lets continue to the second part.

Twitter search is why we’re here and if you read the first part, you’re already and an average tweep.  The image below is self-explanatory, but look closely at your options and think cleverly of why or how you will use them.  Find a great strategy to grow your network.  Personally, I’ve used for my search, as they have a nice effect of tweets scrolling downward and containing more than one keyterms within their search option.  I can color coordinate them as well.  With Twitter’s new search features, I will find myself switching to both now.  The new features are amazing.  Local searchs by typing, within: or finding negative or positive tweets by puttiong 🙂 or 😦 within your keywords.  Amazing concept and I will study this list and continue my social media marketing research, lol.  Also, there are more features that will allow you to Save your Search, in a green plus sign located near top of searches.  If you own a website or blog, there are search widgets that will allow you to display tweets, and its nicely designed with colors. They are available here, Twitter Site for Badges/Widgets.   Now your up-to-date, go try these tricks out and get treated well.  Other sites include these listed below:

XEFER Twitter stats by search term


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