Who is this Czar, Van Jones? Biography and Videos from 90’s Radical Speeches to New Green Jobs Energy Plan. Watch Here!

Who is Van Jones? Well, depends on who you ask.  Personally, I am a analytical, nonjudgemental, and have a pretty clear preception being a nerd in public service myself.  Now this story is interesting, as Van Jones has been arrested in protest, was leader of a revolutinary movement, and was always standing up against government acts such as Hurricane Katrina, World Trade Organization, or even Rodney King beating, lol.  One video shows him talking in a townhall meeting as he answers a question about Republican policy and he calls them “assholes”.  He talks about inner city, urban politics as well, trying to help in a strong way.  Now I could judge him compared to my personal decisions in each case, but I give him benefit of the doubt that he is a public servant.  He attended Ivy League College saying he wanted to drop out and only got the degree is to have credit to speak out on urban issues.

Van Jones has balls that most don’t have! And thats the great thing, but is he ready for politics? Obama will not him become too powerful to make a crazy decision, but could review him as an educated man, highly motivated, and has grown up after learning the ropes of politics, powers behind them, and approaches to make change in the world.  The backlash will be heavy as president and showing support.  It may be time Obama takes reign and do what he thinks is good and not trying to please everyone.  Van Jones is no longer a black panther, but a creative environmentalist that has expertise in green jobs that save this planet for all races.  I applaud Van Jones, even though I know he has an extra agenda to help inner city problems with education, poverty, and health.  I’ve researched plenty, and trying to get prison inmates to set up solar energy panels and windmill farms will have a great impact on everyone, but a greater one on the prisoners. These clever strategies seem to help the urban problems of today.  We will keep an eye on Van Jones, but if there’s strategies that will benefit the world, I’m down with the team, lol.  I guess its hard to hate a whole person and not sort out the policy differences in my book.  But enough strikes will get you out the game 😉  Check out news and video clips below and you judge for your self! UPDATED: Van Jones has resigned his position, smh. He now releases this statement!

“On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me. They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide”

~Van Jones

Becare, Fox News, lol. GLENN BECK

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VAN JONES TODAY. Live from the White House!

Power Shift '09 keynote Van Jones by PowerShift09.



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