Obama addresses School Kids with Empowering Speech. Republicans Face Scrutiny for Opposing, See CNN Video of Jim Greer of AC360!

Obama’s speech to students across America is drawing controversy. Some parents are protesting this speech and not allowing their children to participate in the address at school.  Many republicans are assuming the speech will include propaganda to influence policies of health care and more. While the speech was more about virtues such as responsibility in difficult times and valuing the education provided, I think the overall population favored his reenforcement to school children.  I recommend watching the Andersen Cooper video below, as he questions those against the viewing.

READ the Transcript of the OBAMA Speech to Students: click here

Laura Bush Defends Obama’s Intent to Speak to Students

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Andersen Cooper Destroys Jim Greer for opposing Obama Speech!



One Response

  1. It’s a good speech and we can see Mr. President is trying to encourage the kids to staying in school and getting up with more education. What’s wrong of that?

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