WOW! Ellen Degeneres is the new American Idol Judge! Paula Abdul eyes Judge show! Watch here!

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“Paula was a huge part of the show, and that’s a role that needs to be filled by someone in a totally different way,” DeGeneres says.

~People Magazine

“I don’t know how it happened myself, but I have not missed one episode of that show”

more QUOTES from Ellen:  click here

So what’s up with Paula Abdul in recent news? She plans on alot of different ventures as her manager is working really hard to get her a spot.  She has a great resume, but a few haters; overall, she will find a great job.  Paula is planning to star in VH1’s Divas show and also a Las Vegas show that has just been signed in recent times.  Another show called Drop Dead Diva will star Paula’s likeness as a Judge while a guest appearance in sitcoms are out on the table as well.  Rumor is Ugly Betty may have her, but we’ll see.  Read more about Paula new ventures below and Ellens new found excitement as an idol judge.  Our link is   use it to share on your social networking sites or just retweet from the link below. Thanks for visiting!

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