OUCH! Jay Leno asks Kanye West if His Mother would have Approved. Kanye chokes up & Now Apologizes for Third Time! Read More!

The Kanye RECAP:

Kanye West is doing his best to get some respect back.  Yesterday, he jumps in front of Taylor Swift while she is recieve her award for “Best Video of the Year”.  He grabs the mic attempting to not offend anyone, but falls well short of that.  Kanye begins explaining that Beyonce’s Video, “Single Ladies/Put a Ring On It” was the best video of the decade.  Now personally, he might of been right and I don’t know when the last time a country artist has won over pop artists.  I know Beyonce’s song was played everywhere, from the Ellen Show to renditions on YouTube.  Maybe the criteria for “Best Video” meant more than performing or popularity, and more along the lines of creativity, production, and concept.  The overall fact that Kanye could not bite his lip, causes another gaffe at an awards show.  Continue below to see what happen tonite on Leno.

Leno and Kanye Interview:

Tonite on Jay Leno, Kanye schedule to perform with Jay-Z and Rihanna for “We Run This Town” promotions.  Leno says at last minute we have an interview with Kanye, where he sits him down to explain, apologize, further.  Jay Leno unloads a heavy question by asking “What would of your mother thought of this incident”.  It looks to blind side him and Kanye gets quiet, then chokes up for many seconds.  Leno looks stunned and tries to help him regain composure.  Kanye comes back to explain his rudeness in taking away the spotlight from a talented artist.  Maybe he finally gets that his ego needs a leash! lol Thanks for visiting and share our link bit.ly/thatblog or retweet below.

UPDATED: Watch Kanye West Breakdown on Jay Leno Show

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OBAMA AUDIO: Calls Kanye a “Jackass” for interupting Taylor Swift

official website:


We were fast on this story while still researching.  I liked the report from MSNBC [link] Pretty good.

KANYE WEST interview by Jay Leno News:


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