Myspace unleashes New Feature: Sync Twitter Updates Simultaneously with Myspace! Get the Details Inside.


Finally, in all the social media wars going on, myspace has gave us a new feature.  Today, it was announced you can synchronize both myspace and twitter, getting updates at the same time from both networks.  If you look at the profile screenshot pictured above,  so you can see this feature in action.  It includes the middle column, which shows all updates, now including Twitter.  Its pretty cool if you ask me and will help out alot.  You can set your account to, update from Myspace to Twitter, from Twitter to Myspace, or even both. Personally, I choose to just make my Twitter post to mypace. I just don’t want my follow friday list to become a weird looking post for my myspace friends.  The war heats up as myspace is slowly changing some designs and making search more easier.  I just went to check my TweetDeck and surprise! There was new features as well. Now TweetDeck can handle Twitter, Facebook, and newly, Myspace all at once. And better yet, you can manage multiple accounts, so kudos Adobe. Recently, Facebook buys friendfeed, so their way ahead of Myspace and looking to shut Twitter in its tracks. But we must watch to see if Adobe wants their own Social Media site.  If you ask me what’s missing for the current champs, I would tell these companies to implement video chat or customized profiles for facebook & twitter.  Hope you enjoyed,  read the news articles below and please share on one of your social networking sites.  Our link to this story is

LEARN ALL ABOUT: Myspace Sync Here

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