G20 Summit in Pittsburgh: Protestors, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Police All Present! Tongue tied yet? Just Watch the Video inside!

Pittsburgh, PA is host of the G20 Summit of world leaders.  Thursday and Friday was marked with heavy security and serious talks on how to change the world. As the 19 Prime Ministers and Presidents retreated with Obama, many local citizens were worried about the violence than endures from protestors.  There have been large rallies in many other G20 locations in attempt to draw attention to some interesting issues involving climate change, capitalism and the economy, or even military.  Religious leaders took part in the rallies as well, trying to get their points to the leaders as well.  Back inside, leaders discuss the world economy, with different views from countries that are less developed versus some regions that control most of the economic activity of the world.  The debate has been about spending money to fix up places to generate more stable economy.  Whether its stimulus packages or economic development in regions that could sprout up more opportunity.  Global warming was another topic as efforts to lower emissions were discussed. And lastly, financial reform was a major issue.  This reform should help stabilize the market from corrupt activities, predatory practices, or other negative aspects that led to the collapse in the realty market to wall street.  This means no more super fees from the bank or credit cards charging interest on the outstanding interest owed, lol.  Hopefully someone will listen and Obama can show off his people skills.  Lets pray they have the right decision, but everything SEEMS to be going smoothly.  Personally, we need to boost consumer buying power and help companies who get the consumer’s money to hire more folks. Who knows if its from tax breaks or government grants, but something has to focus on many microeconomic points to solve this as a whole!  Thanks for reading and check back for more action other then the politics this week, believe me, someone will do something crazy soon 😉  bit.ly/trendz is our link, share it!

michelleobamaG20spouses.jpg G-20 image by aminahhanan

Obama’s Agenda”


Pittsburgh host Summit:

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