Terrorism plot on Airline causes more security measures at Airports for travelers.

Terror Suspect: Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab

***Click name to read a more detailed profile of the Nigerian Terror Suspect***

HIGHLIGHTS of Terrorism plot on Christmas Day:

Nigerian suspect catches a plan from Africa to Europe, passing security with only one bag. From Amsterdam, the suspect attempts to blow up the plane by from pulling out explosive materials from inside his pants. This creates a large fire and other passengers began wrestling him down to prevent a larger disaster. Currently, police are looking for another suspect thought to have aided the suspect’s plan to blow up the flight. He claims support of Yemen terrorist groups. The same plan was grounded again after a Nigerian passenger spent the ending hours of the flight, inside a bathroom, refusing to come out. Security officials were called, but revealed just a very sick passenger in the bathroom. Stay tuned for more or read the exact facts from the News articles collected below. Thanks for visiting!

Jasper Schuringa who tackled Abdulmutallab on Flight 253

Hero who tackled suspect

Read Insert of FBI report

NEWS on Terrorism:



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