See the Apple Tablet Debut! The Good, Bad, & Ugly! Details, Reviews, & Video!

Apple iPad, in the hands of Apple CEO Steve Jobs revealed specs

  • The tablet runs an “iPhone flavor operating system” and can handle multiple apps at the same time.
  • The display is OLED but the device also offers an e-reading mode with longer battery life.
  • It has two cameras–one in front, one at the back of the device so it works well for video conferencing.
  • There’s a built-in HDTV tuner and PVR.
  • There are thumbpads on each side for mouse gestures and fingerprint security for up to five profiles.
  • The tablet will cost $600, $700 or $800, depending on size and memory
  • There’s also a wireless keyboard and monitor connection for TV available, he says.
  • The tablet connects to other tablets over Wi-Fi for gaming and will include games such as Farmville, the Facebook game that has become a rage among users.
  • Overall the tablet offers a battery life of two to three hours while playing games. But there’s a solar pad for recharging.
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    Live: Steve Jobs presents the Apple tablet

    “We want to kick off 2010 by introducing a truly magical and revolutionary product today” ~ Steve Jobs, Apple CEO

    Starting at $499

    Unlimited Data  coverage (ATT) $30

    Wifi Hotspot enable

    Apple stocks falls 4%, midday on Debut

    Apple iPad Recent NEWS:


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