Lil Wayne is Sentenced to 1 Year Jail Time, See Video of Crowd & More News!

“Yesterday i smiled, today i smirked, tomorrow i stop … Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, they’re needed. The F is for family, friends, and fans……….thank u………..your love and prayers are felt. They kant lok up my heart bekuz y’all already have it on lok. ……thank u.”


Lil Wayne’s new Twitter account is @liltunechi

“She a monster, but I’m a beast, though/ Take her clothes off, with my teeth, though.”  ~quoted from Weezy when mentioning new music coming out while incarcerated, such as Carter IV and with Young Money Mixtapes



“I feel bad, because I don’t think anything like this has happened in music since Elvis got drafted into the Army,”~ Bun B said.

CBS NEWS:  The sentence is related to a 2007 New York City gun charge. Lil Wayne – or, as no one knows him, Dwayne Carter – admitted in October 2009 to having a loaded, .40-caliber semiautomatic on his tour bus.

Lil Wayne is looking at a year in city jail, with the possibility of getting out in about eight months for good behavior.



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