Will Health Care Pass? See schedule, Vote issues, Links, & Obama’s Push for Reform!

Voting takes place today, March 21 for the Health Care Reform Bill pushed by Democrats who scramble to find final votes needed to pass the bill. The votes will be tallied this evening, most likely running after 9pm est.  Both sides are confident in their position and stance in blocking or passing the bill.  Stay tuned and Tweet or Share on your social networks, thanks~!

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Health Care Reform Bill NEWS:

Obama vows commitment to immigration reform Washington Post

Both Sides Confident in their Position:

Health Care Reform Bill Championed By Obama Wont Pass Reports Say

House Democrats: Health Care Bill Likely To Pass




Live health-care vote updates from Twitter

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pelosi protest_small



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  3. […] guide to today’s health care vote and why this is likely headed to overtime …This Post Cancel […]

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