Worst Oil Spill Ever as BP & Obama ponder how to fix the mess. See extended coverage & recent developments! [video]

Gulf oil spill: Tony Hayward replaced by BP as head of its oil cleanup effort


Learn more about the Oil Spill. View ticker of the amount of oil leaked into the Gulf.  Plus a great Google Maps overlay to show the spreading troubles of this disaster.  Please checkout Google’s dedicated page at:


ROLL MOUSE OVER or CLICK, great source

JOIN THE BP BOYCOTT on Facebook! click here & please invite to build the network!

What is BP doing about this mess?  See a dedicated website with info and facts about the Gulf coast disaster.  This includes photos, videos, and news updates of BP’s response to the spill.



click here for Live Feed of cleanup


News and Updates


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A Brown Pelican is cleaned

Waters of doom: An oil soaked bird struggles against the side of the HOS, an Iron Horse supply vessel at the site of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Dead oil-covered Northern Gannet found on Grand Isle, Louisiana beach 12 May 2010.


Online TV Shows by Ustream


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  3. my name is dan sadler i know how to fix the oil leak all i need is someone to call me 336 423 8228

    • BP has a process to receive and review technical proposals, termed Alternative Response Technologies (ARTs), on how to stop the flow of oil or contain the spill emanating from the Mississippi Canyon 252 well.

      Proposals are reviewed for their technical feasibility and proof of application. All proposals that initiate through the process established below will receive a response. Failure to follow the process below will likely delay proposed solutions from being reviewed.

      1. Inbound calls received: Inbound calls for proposed technical solutions are received through the Houston Hotline +1-281-366-5511. Nearly 4,000 ideas have been proposed to date. Given the thousands of technical proposals suggested by industry professionals and the public, it may take some time to technically review each one.

      2. Form sent to caller: Caller contact information is collected and input into the Horizon Call Center database, which then automatically sends the caller a simple ART form to provide details.

      3. Caller completes/submits form: When the caller completes and submits this form, the proposal is sent to technical personnel for review.

      4. Proposal is reviewed: Proposals are reviewed for technical feasibility and application.

      5. Replies sent to contact: A reply is sent via email or fax to each caller from Horizon Support informing the caller of the technical review outcome. Replies will fit into the following categories:
      Not Possible or Not Feasible in these Conditions
      Already Considered/Planned
      6. Feasible solutions forwarded: Callers whose ideas are considered feasible will be advised by email that we will contact them if and when their support is needed.
      This page was last updated 8 May 2010

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