About Twitter Trends of the Day

About this Blog:

This blog is dedicated to fans who love Twitter to network & communicate to friends.  Its for Techies & News Junkies as well, as our crew of blogger consist of all these personalities.  No matter if you have alot of buddies online or offline, finding more and keeping up the the old ones is easier than ever. Many tweeps have found others with similar interest which leads to great conversations on many things, such as: American Idol, Britains Got Talent, Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, or maybe even your favorite sitcom on TV. Twitter unites all alike with its social networking tools. So welcome to a social media corner of the web, Twitter Trends!

We have managed to provide news and links to the Trending Topics of the Day from twitter. Many are curious of what some topics are or where the topics come from. We will give you a brief summary about these trends, so you won’t be out of the loop.  We follow most trends & give major media sources to the most current article.

Please share our site, we work hard and want to give this benefit to the whole world! Our address is bit.ly/trendz or the full links are http://bit.ly/trendz or bit.ly/thatblog or even the original, http://TwitterTrends.wordpress.com Thanks for stopping by, follow us @trendingtoday on Twitter!  For advertising and marketing solutions for business ventures, please contact elucidmarketing@yahoo.com and they will respond quickly with more details.


More Twitter Help:

Do you know what hashtags are? Hashtags are commonly used in tweets, such as #140tc (this was a twittter convention) or #unfollowdiddy (campaign to unfollow P Diddy on twitter). Users tag their status updates to help other users find it within search results. I like searching for #socialmedia #news, the site hashtags.org has the most used tags of the hour.  I like using #FFVIP, this stands for “Follow Friday VIP” where alot of users can find all users attached to this tag. I gets me more followers & faster. Anyone can create one, just will everyone use it?

Wanna know popular trends? You can search by using http://search.twitter.com or even a more advanced search at http://TwitterFall.com These sites will help you find more buddies with similar interest, or if your a business, help you target market. When you tweet about trending topics, others may be willing to jump in your conversation. If your tweets are interesting, this may attract more followers, opening more opportunities to network.  Share us within your tweets for good info or even more fun try these two twitter tool favorites: tweepular.com or buzzom.com . Thanks and come again!

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