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Osama Bin Laden Dead: OBAMA speaks, plus Social Media celebration Videos!

Obama captures and kills Osama bin laden

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Osama Bin Laden Is Dead: Why It Matters TIME (blog)

Death of a Failure New York Times

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Inside the Osama Compound in Pakistan

EXCLUSIVE: Inside the Compound Where Osama Bin Laden Was Killed

Photos: Osama bin Laden, the world's most notorious terrorist, kill zone



SLIDESHOW: Osama bin Laden San Francisco Examiner

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Chaos in Cairo – Video Coverage of Egypt Protest – PRESIDENT RESIGNS & STREETS REJOICE!


Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president, has resigned from his post, handing over power to the armed forces. Omar Suleiman, the vice-president, announced in a televised address on Friday that the president was “waiving” his office, and had handed over authority to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

Suleiman’s short statement was received with a roar of approval and by celebratory chanting and flag-waving from a crowd of hundreds of thousands in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, as well as by other pro-democracy campaigners who attending protests across the country. The top figure in Egypt’s new regime is now Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, the country’s defence minister.  (from http://www.boingboing.net/2011/02/11/egypt-tgif.html)



***previous reports listed below

Egypt’s Internet Restored; Cairo Protests Turn Violent‎ – HomepageDaily
Facebook treads carefully after its vital role in Egypt’s anti ‎ – Washington Post

The 2011 Egyptian protests are an ongoing series of street demonstrations, marches, rallies, acts of civil disobedience, riots, and violent clashes that began in Egypt on 25 January 2011, a day selected by 6 April Youth Movement organisers[10][11] to coincide with the National Police Day holiday.[12]The protests began with tens of thousands marching in Cairo and a string of other cities in Egypt.[13] While localised protests had been common in previous years, the 2011 protests have been the largest demonstrations seen in Egypt since the 1977 Bread Riots and unprecedented in scope,[14]drawing participants from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds and faiths.[11]

Anderson Cooper attacked in Tahrir square during Cairo protests‎ – Christian Science Monitor
Anderson Cooper attacked in Egypt with crew ‎ – Los Angeles Times
Anderson Cooper Attacked by Mob in Egypt‎ – Us Magazine


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CELEBRITIES: Stop the School Bully! READ New Initiatives to combat bullying after recent deaths

Stop Bullying: Speak Up – Special Coverage on CNN.com

White House guest blog: We have the power to end bullying

Two DFL lawmakers make case for anti-bullying legislation

USDA’s Shirley Sherrod is vindicated after full video surfaces. Review the Political chaos by USDA and editor of Video clip at NAACP event.

FULL VIDEO of Shirley Sherrod

View Statement posted at NAACP:  click here

– ‎11 hours ago‎

Michelle Obama Visits HAITI before Mexico Trip, See Photos and Video!

Congress approves debt relief measure for Haiti

“My international agenda as first lady is going to focus on speaking to young people,” the US first lady said in a video message from her airplane released by the White House.” ~- AFP

Michelle Obama’s defining overseas trip

First lady Michelle Obama goes on her first solo trip abroad

Before trip to Mexico, Michelle Obama, Jill Biden visit Haiti‎ – Washington Post

Michelle Obama, Jill Biden Visit Haiti to Show US Support

Michelle Obama In Haiti: Visiting A Children’s Hospital And Promoting Recovery

After Poland President and 97 Passenger Tragedy, World Leaders Express Sorrow!

For Poland, plane crash in Russia rips open old wounds

Los Angeles Times – ‎2 hours ago‎
The 97 aboard a Soviet-era plane were heading to Katyn, site of the 1940 massacre of Polish prisoners of war. Now Poland, which never forgot its tragic past, must grieve the loss of its key leaders. Mourners stand amid a flood of candles and flowers …

Polish President Lech Kaczynski, 60; came to power with twin

Washington Post – ‎58 minutes ago‎
Polish President Lech Kaczynski, 60, a former anti-communist dissident who came to power with his twin brother in 2005 promising a “moral revolution,” died April 10 in a plane crash near Smolensk, Russia. His wife, Maria, and Poland’s central bank …

In quotes: Reaction to plane crash

BBC News – ‎1 hour ago‎
There has been widespread shock after President Lech Kaczynski was killed along with many other senior Polish figures in a plane crash in western Russia early on Saturday. Here is a selection of reactions from around the world. .

Leaders express sorrow at Polish president’s death

Newsday (subscription) – ‎2 hours ago‎
“Our thoughts and prayers are with the Kaczynski family, the loved ones of those killed in this tragic plane crash, and the Polish nation. 
**April 11thUpdate

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