Ted Williams goes from Homeless to demanded Voice of major corporations & media companies! Watch this amazing video story here!

Meets mother @ New York Interview – click here

 But Reunion with Homeless "Man with Golden Voice" on Hold; He's Been Swamped with Job Offers since Appearing on "Early Show"


CBS NEWS:  Ted Williams

NY Daily News:  Ted Williams

LA Times Blog: Ted Williams Story

ALL NEWS UPDATES of Ted Williams [powered by Google]

Ted Williams on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – Interview

FUNNY VIDEO @ Ted Williams Diss ~ by Vicki Lawrence

Vicki Lawrence Of Mama’s Family Is Pissed Off At Ted Williams For Some Reason


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Susan Boyle gets Second Place in Britains Got Talent!

Susan Boyle has been on the Trending Topics of the last few days. She has been embraced by millions after her first shocking appearance on BGT. Susan is from Blackburn, Scotland, born 1 April 1961. As a contestant of the show, she was misjudged by many when she sang a remarkable piece from Les Miserables.


I bet she makes millions after living a regular life and taking care of her mother before she past away in 2007 at 91. Simon Cowell is rumored to settle a contract with his label at Sony records, Syco Music.


The trending topic has arisen from the news of her lost, watch her last performance in above video, or read the article HERE


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