8.9-magnitude earthquake struck off the northeast coast of Japan


Map of Japan



Wikipedia: 2011 Yunnan earthquake

Earthquake hits Asian markets Financial Times (blog)

Linking Life Events: Hurricane Katrina, BP Oil Spill, & Big Bang Theory

I decided to make a map since I’ve been on some nerd stuff recently, studying the events in history, time changing events, ya know? It seems these events are coming quick, but i do have to separate some that are man made & some natural disasters combined in a more resourceful world today. I could go back to start of time & spill my brain, but I’ll simply breakdown my nerd session while vacationing at Myrtle Beach… they say travel (new locations) can clear a mind & expand it, so I guess this is where it came from.
The biggest life-changing event ever to me seems to be when dinosaurs disappeared. These guys were big & survived volcanoes & earthquakes as earth’s continents shifted, but they died off at one time in history.


Dinosaurs roamed the earth some 300 million years ago to about 65million years ago.* Sidenote, Humans roamed from civilizations that traveled out of West Africa to Iraq, nearly 2 million years ago.

Dinosaurs died in massive event. Proof is in rock layers with indications of high levels of meteor particles. Well, same elements are created when something enters earth’s atmosphere: such as meteors, the falling-star looking events that happen daily. Yet in sedimentary rocks, it shows these elements just as timelines of earth’s events; comparable to rings in a tree or digging up earth for artifacts in dirt layers. Now the site of this event exists as a large crater in Mexico, in the Yucatan Pennisula. I made fireball, but could it be anything that entered from the heavens.

Inside this crater, researchers have dated it to 65 million years ago in the extinction of dinosaurs. The earth life was rebuilt, as humans began innovation of tools & growing communication. I study this as this happened a few times, like the great flood, the ice age, development of complex marine life, etc..if i trust these scientist, but seems to hold some insight. Earth replenished each time with something better, we are just the current design, i guess, but when will another event impact earth & will we survive it, lol #justsaying

Hurricane Katrina’s landfall is located 600 miles north of this crater. It is marked by light-blue line(path) on map below.300 miles is halfway and appears on my image below as yellow star, just looking so perfectly fit in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. I also placed indicators of the oil spill’s impact of the current month & site of BP spill and Haiti earthquake which is further, but couldn’t ignore leaving it off.

This just was very coincidental, and made me feel like Nicholas Cage in some new adventure movie. I have found myself last year researching alot, just being analytical as I always loved a variety of interests or fields of study. I’m not scientist or expert, lol, i just like to engage knowledge, so if i’m offtrack or going too far, just lemme know 😉 To continue, I’ve seen earthquakes rise in recent years and never forgot about the 80’s / 90’s California earthquakes, which looked scary as a kid on bridges & overpasses cracking! I have been interested in the changing times, like economy and technology that is much different from past traditions that lasted decades or even centuries. So with my lifetime in a life-changing era, I look at the last 10 years and say DAYUM, lol. Even from 70’s rock n roll to 80’s individualistic society to 90’s up to y2k…these were some complex years but seem fun & changing. Now technology comes & will launch a new era. I think its so ironic we have a recession to slow economy, which will slow technology growth that could really get out of hand. This is life, I guess im looking into it kinda deep, but maybe i’ll find something…just thought i’d share & use social media for open discussion or give my notes up.

Im not a researcher, but a techie kinda guy, so here are links of some supporting facts:



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Worst Oil Spill Ever as BP & Obama ponder how to fix the mess. See extended coverage & recent developments! [video]

Gulf oil spill: Tony Hayward replaced by BP as head of its oil cleanup effort


Learn more about the Oil Spill. View ticker of the amount of oil leaked into the Gulf.  Plus a great Google Maps overlay to show the spreading troubles of this disaster.  Please checkout Google’s dedicated page at:


ROLL MOUSE OVER or CLICK, great source

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What is BP doing about this mess?  See a dedicated website with info and facts about the Gulf coast disaster.  This includes photos, videos, and news updates of BP’s response to the spill.



click here for Live Feed of cleanup


News and Updates


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A Brown Pelican is cleaned

Waters of doom: An oil soaked bird struggles against the side of the HOS, an Iron Horse supply vessel at the site of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Dead oil-covered Northern Gannet found on Grand Isle, Louisiana beach 12 May 2010.


Online TV Shows by Ustream

Haiti Earthquake: Super Collection of Online Content – Live Video Footage, Relief Efforts, and Photo Galleries

NEW QUAKE HITS HAITI : Click here to read


Raw Video: Haiti Moments After the Quake


Americans seeking information about family members in Haiti: 1-888-407-4747 (due to heavy volume, some callers may receive a recording). You can also send an email to the State Department.

CANADA:  If you have missing family members in Haiti, please email us with photos and any information about them

Haiti earthquake - searching in rubble

Haiti Earthquake: Buildings adjacent to the SOS Village

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VIDEO TOUR of HAITI after quake: Click Here

Exclusive: Online NEWS Articles on Haitian Quake

Help for Haiti: Learn What You Can Do


Bill Clinton: How to Help Haiti

Haitians react to televangelist Pat Robertson’s ‘devil pact’ remarks

Somoa Hit by Tsunami as Earthquake adds more Problems to Region. Philipines & Vietnam Recovers, Somoa Looks for Rescue and Aid.


Philippines reports 1.9 million homes destroyed in Manila with nearly 380,000 seeking shelter.  This is probably half of the ones who really need help or are struggling at relatives and friends homes, crowded or feeling the financial burden.  Aid agencies are working vigorously to help the region, however, storms are developing rapidly as Cambodia to Vietnam has received heavy damage. The most recent weather disaster was the tsunami that flooded streets of Somao.  The earthquake happened in the ocean, causing the massive wave, then flooding inward toward coastal city villages.  Check report of the death toll as of this week for these natural disasters!

Typhoon Ketsana

Philippines = 284 dead or missing

Vietnam = 23 dead  170,000 evacuated

Tsunami-  Sept. 30

Samoa = 47 dead, 100 presumed and injuries are not recorded yet


IN THE NEWS, the National Disasters:

A main road in the downtown area of Fagatogo, is seen flooded by water from a tsunami located in the main town area in American Samoa.

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