Elucid Marketing Group

Welcome, it’s Elucid Marketing Group!

This great blog is brought to you by Elucid Marketing Group and Elucid Media.  We study social media marketing daily and find unique ways to network with others across the world.  Elucid Marketing’s headquarters is in Fayetteville, North Carolina, a friendly military town in the southern states of the USA.  We offer web solutions including graphic design, website development, iPhone apps, and our specialty social media marketing.  Elucid Marketing uses viral marketing approaches, mixed with trends discovered from our research.  We aim to be innovative and currently working on a social media site to impact the online world.  For business relations, free quotes, and adverstising options, please contact us at elucidmarketing@yahoo.com

VISIT OUR SITE: www.ElucidMarketing.com

or our new sites at elucid.vacau.com and amazing.netnet.net

Our Online Projects in Motion:

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