Michael Jordan Cries on Hall of Fame Induction! Video of Acceptance Speech and Career Highlights HERE!

Michael Jordans Acceptance Speech, Funny & Touching!


Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame has inducted some all-time greats.  Here are the list of inductees and their sponsors below.  Watch MJ above to find out why he chose David Thompson out of all the other greats.

  • Presenting Coach C. Vivian Stringer will be Hall of Fame Coach John Chaney
  • Presenting Coach Jerry Sloan will be Hall of Fame player Charles Barkley
  • Presenting John Stockton will be Hall of Fame player Isiah Thomas
  • Presenting David Robinson will be Hall of Fame Coach Larry Brown and Hall of Fame player George Gervin
  • Presenting Michael Jordan will be Hall of Fame player David Thompson




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Kobe Bryant and Los Angeles Lakers win Game 5 of NBA Finals. 3 Pointers fall short for Orlando Magic. Watch Amazing Kobe shot here!

Getty Images

Getty Images

Watch Kobe’s Amazing Shot in Game 5!

Game 5 ends with Lakers on Top, celebrating their victory over the Orlando Magic. Lakers started pulling away from Magic, scoring each drive as Dwight Howard in foul trouble didnt help Orlando’s bad field goal percentage.  Orlando did make an impressive 3pt spurt, scoring from outside narrowing the lead from 16 to 11. It just wasn’t enough.  Kobe and Derek Fisher celebrated with their wives on court, talking highly of their coach Phil Jackson. Los Angeles Lakers are 2009 NBA Finals Champions ! Watch Kobe’s amazing “jordan-like” shot above or scroll to bottom to watch complete highlights of game 5. Thanks for visiting, look around for more amazing stuff!

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UPDATED:  Los Angeles Party Videos will be posted shortly below:

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Derek Fisher has his own Magic with Amazing 3pt Shot to Send into Overtime! Lakers Win!

BUZZER BEATER for Derek Fisher.  This game was so close all the way through, but there was a high number of fouls that were not called.  Sometimes the refs just called the ball “out of bounds” rather than give the earned foul.  Kinda crazy, but Los Angeles squeezes through and Magic is troubled with the lost.  If Magic would of won, they probably would of had momentum going into the next game. Now, Lakers are sitting lovely with another game to clinch the championship.  Check out the buzzer beater shot on video above:

Get Recaps from Yahoo Sports!

  1. Game 1: at LAL

    ORL 75, LAL 100 – Final

    RecapBox Score

  2. Game 2: at LAL

    ORL 96, LAL 101 – Final OT

    RecapBox Score

  3. Game 3: at ORL

    LAL 104, ORL 108 – Final

    RecapBox Score

  4. Game 4: at ORL

    LAL 99, ORL 91 – Final OT

    RecapBox Score

  5. Game 5: at ORL

    Sun, Jun 14 – 8:00 pm EDT

    TV: ABC, TSN

  6. Game 6: at LAL

    Tue, Jun 16 – 9:00 pm EDT

    TV: ABC, TSN

  7. Game 7: at LAL

    Thu, Jun 18 – 9:00 pm EDT

    TV: ABC, TSN


Go Lakers Go Magic! Kobe attempts to handle Orlando in NBA Finals!

Proposed cover of 2k10 Video Game     





Proposed cover of 2k10 Video Game


2009 NBA Finals kicks off with Lakers versus Magic.  Kobe Bryant, the superstar basketball player, will try to lead his team against a determined Orlando Magic.

UPDATE: (It’s Back!) Rapper Lil Wayne has just released a song entitled “Kobe Bryant”.  I guess it’s right on time for the NBA Finals. For more information click here or watch the video to listen now!



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